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Of course I get your point! And at the end of the day it's your choice, but I just don't think you should let those people win is all.... :-( they don't deserve to win.

you’re right, actually thanks, i almost made her win, i’m gonna keep on doing what i like idc about anyone else 

I honestly don't think it should stop you from making themes, it should just encourage you to make them more because then people like her will get upset that you're not phased by the fact that they're accusing you of something!

that’s kinda true but what’s the fun of being accused of stealing themes? do you get my point 

WHAT! What the hell? It literally says your url ZAYNFLIRT (not theft) IF YOU AREN'T A THEIF THAN WHY ARE YOU ON THAT PAGE. I DON'T UNDERSTAND. And you're making a big deal out of it because, even though it happened 2 months ago, she put you on a damned theft page when you didn't steal anything, she's accusing you of stealing something that you did not steal. I would make a big deal of it as well and we all know she would do the same because she's making a big deal of you NOT stealing something.

i’m just gonna stop making themes for a while, bc i don’t like this drama tbh 

HOLLA! <3 we gotta have each others back... Plus, is she still not gone yet?? like... seriously... i don't understand the logic she's using!

thank for having my back, but no she put me back on 

naah lol, i hope you know who ur messing with now(:

srsly what’s ur problem just take me off and i’ll leave u omg ur making it so hard 

wait theres more on the thieves page look LMAO

why do you want to make so much trouble, get me off and i’ll delete all the posts from my blog srsly 

take me off of ur page, and i’ll delete everything from my blog 

why'd she put you on this time?!

ZAYNFLIRT (not theft)

She claims i think that i think that im the queen of redux themes [X] (shes a crack head i only have 2 wtf. i havent made one since almost 2 months ago).
But all she knows how to make is redux themes. LMFAO. really she ONLY has reduxes.
but i guess thats easy for her sinceits just editing a premade theme. LMAO

She mentions my redux cleanse edit and her odd named redux edits are both similar. [X]

I was misinformed of the dates of themes were made so i thought she had stolen my theme (her was made first). But shes hung up on it. She randomly started making this a big deal about of no where. This happend 2 months ago.

This is NOT theft and shes mentions and knows it but shes asking people to report me. for “theft" when she even says it isnt theft. [X]

She “ 

that’s what she wrote 

she needs to just calm down and sit in the corner and think about what she's done honestly like ugh


so was it like she just put you on her thieves page without even messaging you or something?

yeah which made me even more angry